SABJ Audio Files for Core Conversations


Some conversations are slightly different from the original ones in the textbook (e.g., different names, titles, etc.).


1. cc-1a, cc-1b, cc-1c, cc-1d, cc-1e
2. c-c2a, cc-2b, cc-2c, cc-2d, cc-2e
3. cc-3a, cc-3b, cc3-c, cc-3d, cc-3e, cc-3f
4. cc-4a, cc-4b, cc-4c, cc-4d, cc-4e
5. cc-5a, cc-5b, cc-5c, cc-5d, cc-5e, cc-5f, cc-5g
6. cc-6a, cc-6b, cc-6c
7. cc-7a, cc-7b, cc-7c, cc-7d, cc-7e
8. cc-8a, cc-8b, cc-8c
9. cc-9a, cc-9b, cc-9c
10. cc-10a, cc-10b, cc-10c
11. cc-11a, cc-11b, cc-11c