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Welcome to the preview site for online Japanese courses (JAPN 1001 through 2002) running on the webhosting server at Georgia Institute of Technology. The actual content of our online courses with complete instruction is located on T-Square at GT.

When you officially enroll in our online courses (Registration for Online Courses), you will create your computer accuont (username/password) to access the class content and Live Classroom. Please log into T-Square and go to your course. For additional information, go to Online Language Support Center. The following are sample course syllabus and schedules for our online courses.

Elementary Japanese 1
JAPN 1001
Elementary Japanese 2
JAPN 1002
Intermediate Japanese 1
JAPN 2001
Intermediate Japanese 2
JAPN 2002

Currently Down
for maintenance

If you have questions on our online Japanese courses, please email Dr. Masato Kikuchi